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The "connected cars" market

The "connected cars" market

Transportation is a key enabler of the economy, and the global automotive industry itself generates USD 5trillion in annual output. Companies involved in transporting people and goods are increasingly focused on introducing autonomous...

The "connected cars" market

...alternatives, those which can operate without human input using sensors, radars, cameras etc. Although fully self-driving vehicles are not yet in the mainstream, partially autonomous cars and trucks are already a reality today. Some of the main companies are well-known players in the automotive industry, but aspiring entrants continue to make significant inroads.

The "connected cars" market could exceed USD 40 billion in size by 2025, and its growth will have far-reaching economic consequences, as it will transform how human and physical resources move about, and will impact productivity, location decisions, health, and even personal finances and vehicle ownership.

The last phrase has been circulated in Q1-2015 by Boston Consulting Group: Vehicles that drive themselves on the freeway or take over in traffic jams may be on the road in large numbers by 2017 and autonomous cars might create a USD 42 billion market for the technology by 2025, Boston Consulting Group said.

In the Backtest-Portfolio above I just mixed different companies from the Kensho-Brainstorming data together in order to reach a final portfolio-mix, which might also be a possible additional "satelite-idea" for a BROAD (!) Stock-Portfolio.

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