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Aktienquote in einem Portfolio (26.03.2020)

Aktienquote in einem Portfolio

Reminder von Ben Graham himself: The investor's chief problem - and even his worst enemy - is likely to be himself. Hier einer seiner "Quotes bzgl. einer möglichen Aktien-Investitionsquote" in einem...

Investitionsquote (Feb. 2020ff)


"[...] investor divide his holdings between high-grade bonds and leading common stocks; that the proportion held in bonds be never less than 25% or more than 75%, with the converse being necessarily true for the common-stock component; that his simplest choice would be to maintain a 50-50 proportion between the two, with adjustments to restore the equality when market developments had disturbed it by as much as, say 5%. As an alternative policy he might choose to reduce his common-stock component to 25% "if he felt the market was dangerously high" and conversely to advance it toward the maximum of 75% "if he felt that a decline in stock prices was making them increasingly attractive".