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Great Portfolio 1 (CAGR: > 24% p.a.)

Great Portfolio 1
(2001-05/2016, CAGR: >24% p.a.)

We Austrians and Germans hopefully are not infected by the dangerous HOME-BIAS! It may not kill your outperformance, but may dampen your performance in the short-run, and definitely also in the long-run ("recessions")!

Portfolio 1 Great Return(s), Ralph Gollner

You have to search, you have to recheck the correlations between the stocks, you should diversify between the different sectors, then you should be able to achieve a constant outperformance versus the broad US-Stock Market:

Since 2001 this portfolio has been put together (unfortunatelly only ex-post via backtesting ;-), but since 2015 me, Ralph Gollner, I am taking advantage of my research done. The "backtested-portfolio" (Portfolio 1 is consisting of 15 stocks, the same stocks since 2015, but rebalanced each year) is performing again pretty nicely in the current year 2016. The German Stock-Market, represented by the DAX-Index, is no real competition/benchmark for this performance-monster:

In the last diagram you can see, that this portfolio (Portfolio 1/Buy&Hold-Strategy since 2001) is delivering a constant outperformance - against major Stock-Indices around the globe (here the German DAX Total Return in comparison):