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Ralph vs. Warren Buffer & Oakmark funds

The old men go, the younger ones strive NOW !
Two big FLAGSHIPS, which I want to compete with :-)

Well, take a look at "Oakmark"; then you may go on by reading some stories under the links given below: Oakmark Funds was established in 1991 and...

Warren B., Bill Nygren & Mr. Boom (2018) said to be dedicated to value investing, particularly in companies that are strong free-cash-flow generators and have shareholder-friendly management teams. In total, Oakmark offers seven different mutual funds, six of which were begun in the 1990s.

Value investor William Nygren has more than 30 (!) years of investment experience. Now a partner at Harris, he is also portfolio manager at the Oakmark Fund, Oakmark Select Fund, and Oakmark Global Select Fund. Nygren's many accolades include being named Morningstar's domestic stock manager of the year in 2001. In the diagram above I am competing with the Oakmark Select Fund (ticker: OAKLX) and that happened to be an extremely easy task this year (2018), since Bill Nygren was heavily invested into financial stocks and stocks like General Electric (which totally crashed during this year)...