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Backtest of 8 US-Stocks (2002 - Sep. 2018)

Backtest of 8 US-Stocks
(2002 - Sep. 2018)

Great outperformance versus the US-Stock Market (S&P 500) and positive returns in each of the past 18 years!

Backtest 8 stocks (2002 - Sep. 2018)

There are still many ways to achieve an unbelievable outperformance against a "risky S&P 500" (see the Drawdowns of the broad US-Stock Market in the last decades, like in the year 2002 or 2008!).

An annual return of over +17% over the last 18 years with lower fluctuations than the broad Stock Market (S&P 500) shows what is possible. The BUY&HOLD-portfolio-Backtest was possible via adapting academic research and a senseful Riskmanagement-approach!

Ralph Gollner