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Julian Robertson ("Tiger")

Julian Robertson ("Tiger")

The returns Julian Robertson (let's just call him here: "THE TIGER") has generated are simply phenomenal. But, well, Tiger was active for the around 20 years - during (the so called) "Kindergarden-Börse-years". Furthermore, an interesting point might...

Julian Robertston (" THE TIGER "), 1980 - 1999

...also be, that Julian R. started his fund when he was 48 years old! The annual performance figures lead to the result of growing one USD into 139 USD in ca. 20 years!

His Investment Philosophy

Julian Robertson is a firm believer in the tenets of Value investing as mentioned by Graham in Security Analysis.

For Julian, the presence of a story is very crucial in all investment ideas. The story (thesis) has to be simple, logical and grounded with thorough research. He always asked his analysts to zero down their months of research of an idea into easy, understandable four sentence idea. If the ideas sounds good, then and only then, he will move forward and then till the point the story doesn't change, he would stick with the idea through thick and thin.